Frequently Asked Questions

HydroStain Lips™ can be performed by cosmetologists, permanent makeup artists, and estheticians.  We work superficially in the skin with no dermis penetration

Not at all!  In rare circumstances a few minutes of numbing with an over the counter topical anesthetic is all that is needed.

The treatment is 50 minutes in office.  Treatment time on the skin takes 10-15 minutes

HydroStain Lips™ is designed to last 2-3 weeks.  It is safe to perform once a week for 3 sessions for compounding the color and the plump.

Treatment price ranges from $100-$200 depending on your location

Our formulation consists of carefully sources raw materials from high-end chemists and manufacturers.  When possible we include organic ingredients.  Our formulation is a proprietary blend of peptides and carefully weighted hyaluronic acid designed specifically to plump, hydrate, and nourish the lips. Our techniques have been proved to increase collagen production with increased health over time

HydroStain Lips™ is entirely safe.  The technique and serums have been tested throughly in numerous case studies

Yes, live training is required to be certified to purchase HydroStain Lips™ products.  All students learn the customized techniques in classroom setting, and will work on one live model in order to be certified.  Only certified technicians will be able to purchase product.

All certified artists will receive a link to download marketing assets including images, logos, brochures, and banners. All printing will be the responsibility of the business owner, but we will provide the branding assets.

HydroStain Lips™ is designed to fade after 2-3 weeks

Before and One Week AfterBefore and One Week AfterBefore After One Week After

All colors are diluted pigments that range from light pink to deep reds.  The results are designed to look like a lip gloss or stain. The darker the color used, the more dramatic the results.  We find that first time clients request a darker color for their next treatment

The colors come in multiple does bottles.  Proper safety and sanitation must be adhered to when performing the treatment.

All products are safely preserved and have an unopened shelf life of 2-3 years depending on the product.  After opening, we recommend dispose after one year.

The device used is a microchanneling device at a very superficial depth.  We stay in the epidermis, without dermis penetration.  We are NOT using the hyaluron air pressure pen.  The device used in HydroStain Lips™ is CE approved, and has passed many safety tests.

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